Lesson Plan
After the Shoot is Over

Worksheet 7

After the shoot is over

Description: This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Mortified - Behind the Scenes Doco and Episodes 1, 5, 9 & 12, to examine what is need after the shooting of the action has finished. In particular, it concentrates on the editing, camera movements and marketing of the series.

Year Level: Middle Years (5-9)

Curriculum Study Areas: English; Arts (Media); Humanities and Social Sciences; Health and Physical Education (Personal Development)

Theme/Topic: adolescence; characters; families; self and relationships; genre; change; growth and development; narrative structure; film language; humour and satire; stereotypes


23. Intro Segment
24. Mortified - Behind the Scenes Doco, Making Characters Real
25. Taylor's Family
26. Taylor, Her Sister Layla and Her Mum in the Kitchen Discussing the Year 6 Disco
27. Taylor Requests a Parent Signature in Order to Change Her Name
28. Taylor's Mum Looking Through the Photo Album
29. Taylor's Garage Sale
30. Taylor Camps Out
31. Mortified Moments - Embarrassing Parents