Lesson Plan
Elements of a Drama Production

Worksheet 1
Using the Camera to Create Characters

Worksheet 2
Casting Decisions

Elements of a drama production

Description: This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Mortified - Behind the Scenes Doco, Episode 1 and Episode 9, to introduce what the story is about, the central characters, key themes, and how it was produced.

Year Level: Middle Years (5-9)

Curriculum Study Areas: English; Arts (Media); Humanities and Social Sciences; Health and Physical Education (Personal Development)

Theme/Topic: adolescence; characters; families; self and relationships; genre; change; growth and development; narrative structure; film language; humour and satire; stereotypes


1. Mortified – Behind the Scenes Doco, Part 1
2. Mortified – Behind the Scenes Doco, Part 2
3. Taylor Speaking to Camera
4. Taylor Introducing Brittany
5. Taylor Introducing Her Mother and Her Father
6. Taylor Introducing Her Sister
7. Taylor Watching TV and Talking with the Dog
8. Taylor Interacting with Friend Hector and Sister Layla
9. Taylor, Her Sister Layla and Her Mum in the Kitchen Discussing the Year 6 Disco
10. Mortified – Behind the Scenes Doco, Getting the Part
11. Mortified Moments 1 - Similarities to Character
12. Mortified – Behind the Scenes Doco, The Look